Making children proud of their battle.

Changing the game for children’s medical equipment.


When Mason’s disease became terminal, Iain & Chantelle decided to bring him home on palliative care away from hospital for his last days. With that, he required a lot of medical equipment. When the required medical equipment arrived at their home, Mason looked at his parents and asked, “I thought I never had to go back to the hospital?”

The once warm loving safe haven Mason knew as his home, turned into a cold medical hospital complete with a bed, oxygen and IV pole just  to name a few. He didn’t want to go near the hospital bed and hated having an IV pole near him. Chantelle thought to herself “Why does Mason have to be afraid of his IV pole?” “Why does the IV pole have to look like that? Why can’t the medical equipment be colourful?

That thought was carried over after Mason passed away and his parents vowed to make children proud of their fight.

Making Children Proud of Their Battles

These superheroes battling illnesses and fighting for their lives are always surrounded by the medical world. An IV pole acts as an extension of the patient, almost like their shadow. Mason’s Power Poles aim to remove the hospital feeling from the home and brighten up any hospital room. Mason’s Power Poles are designed and handcrafted to give children with illnesses a positive symbol to look up to and allow them to be proud of their fight

Inviting and Colourful

Mason’s Power Poles are customized and powdercoated with the upmost care and detail. Our poles shine bright and stand out with vibrant colours and styles, guaranteed to make any child smile and are patented by Fight Like Mason Foundation.

Mason’s PowerPoles


Who uses Mason’s Power Poles?

Mason’s Power Poles are used daily, in multiple hospitals across Ontario in paediatric wards. Additionally, Mason’s Power Poles are gifted to childhood cancer fighters and survivors in the Windsor-Essex community to be used in their homes, free of charge

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What is the cost of a Mason’s Power Pole?

Currently, Mason’s Power Poles are not for sale. Each and every one of Mason’s Power Poles that has been donated to either a community hospital or superhero’s home has been donated free of charge. The fabrication cost for each pole is covered by Fight Like Mason fundraising efforts.

If you would like to donate to Mason’s Power Pole program click here.

Watch our donation to THP - Credit Valley Hospital

Become a Community Avenger

If you are a Canadian Hospital and would like to inquire about acquiring Mason's Power Poles are your institution please fill out our short inquiry form here and we will contact you.

How to Request One of Mason’s Power Poles for home use?

Every child deserves to be proud of their battle, have something that can make them smile and forget that they are require the use of an IV Pole. To ensure these superhero’s can do just that, there is a standard process to request one of Mason’s Power Poles for personal use.

* For home use, Mason’s Power Poles are only available to children residing in Windsor-Essex County at this time.

My child uses an IV pole at home, can they get a Mason’s Power Pole?

  • Please contact your community nurse case manager and notify them that you would like a Mason’s PowerPole. They will inform you of the available styles to pick from.
  • The family will always be contacted once the referral is made before taking the donation to the next step
  • Referrals from any other sources should be directed to ask the family to contact the Foundation.

Child Eligibility:

  • The child is under the age of 21
  • The child has a cancer or a chronic illness which requires the ongoing use of an IV pole
  • The child lives within Windsor-Essex, Ontario
  • Discharged from hospital with community care service and requiring the use of an IV Pole temporarily.

Mason's Superwheels


Taking custom medical equipment to another level

In keeping with the commitment to make children Proud of Their Battles, the Fight Like Mason Foundation has created and donated fun and inviting paediatric wheelchairs to once again change the hospital environment for kids requiring a wheelchair for transport.

Intended Use of Mason’s Superwheels

Mason’s Superwheels are used daily, in multiple hospitals across Windsor-Essex County as transport wheelchairs in pediatric surgery and oncology wards. At this time, Mason’s Superwheels are not available for in home uses.

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