It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to

May 28 was always one of my favourite days… my birthday! In these past few years it has been one of my least favourite days. Not because I’m in my mid twenties now, but because it seems to always bring bad news. 2 years ago was our first cycle of chemo with Mase and he […]

Having a baby after losing Mason.

It doesn’t seem right, yet seems so perfect, how is that possible. We always planned on having more kids after Mason but never realized how hard that would be. Mason was the best surprise ever. After a week long camping trip and returning back to university, only to throw up in class on my first […]

Mother’s Day without a child

As I organize Masons book shelf looking for the perfect books to read to his baby brother, I came across one of his favourite books we use to always read together. A book that I don’t even need to open because I know the words by heart and so did he. He loved this book […]