It has been a while since I posted a new blog. Being vulnerable online is always scary.

This year Is a new start to dedicate more time to once again write blogs in hopes that it can help one person.

The Last Drive Home

“June 7 2016, 3 years ago today – We packed up our boy and took him for his last car ride home.”

More than 4.

Go Gold & Help us defeat the villain for good. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. For families like us affected by childhood cancer, it’s a month that we can force our voice to be heard. It’s a month that we raise awareness & speak proudly of our Childs courageous battle. It is such an […]

Don’t Blame Me.

When we can’t explain something, we always look for someone or something to blame. & with childhood cancer, the blaming game seems to be popular against moms. At least for me, it seems as though everyone is quick to blame me. Whether it’s for what I fed him, how I grew him or even where […]

Family Day

Family day 2016 Two years ago today, started on such a positive note – Mason was having his last inpatient  chemo. However that week we had notice he was having familiar symptoms that he had when he was first diagnosed. We found out later that day that Mason’s cancer was growing instead of shrinking… while […]

10 Things To Never Say to a Grieving Parent

Things I wish no grieving parent would have to hear. I’ve been debating writing this for some time now. Sometimes without realizing it, you can very much hurt a grieving parent with words. Just this month I had a someone say the words, “What do you expect from me, I cant bring back your child.”  […]

Dear 2017

It’s been an emotional one…  & it’s a year that I cant seem to find the right words. I entered 2017 without Mason. The first year without him, and that was horrible. All the first without him, getting his head stone, and trying to adjust to life all seemed impossible. My heart was falling apart […]

5 years down- a lifetime to go

5years & a lifetime to go. 5 years ago today, on December 22,2012, I walked down the isle to the man of my dreams. It was a mild day for December, and a very exciting one. There was no nerves, only excitement. I watched him through the little window walk with Mason to the front […]

The Truth about Being Strong

the truth about being strong. Being strong holds so many meanings. To many, it could be how easy you can lift something, how big of a rock you can push or even how powerful you’ve become. To a grieving mother, being strong means something so different. Being called strong means that you have faced the […]

Make a donation

The Fight Like Mason Foundation is committed to improve treatment, care, quality of life and awareness of patients diagnosed with childhood rhabdomyosarcoma and other childhood cancers. The foundation does not receive any government funding and therefore solely relies on the generosity of others. There are many ways you can give; reoccurring monthly support, sponsor an event or program or give a one-time donation. Every donation counts in our fight to Defeat the Villain for Good!