The Idea

When Mason’s disease became terminal, we decided to bring him home on palliative care away from hospital for his last days. With that, he required a lot of medical equipment. When it all began coming in and set up he looked up at us and asked “…I thought I never had to go back to the hospital ?”
The once warm loving safe haven he knew as his home, turned into a cold medical hospital complete with a bed and IV pole, to name a few. He didn’t want to go near his
function hospital bed and hated having his pole near him. We thought to ourselves … Why can’t this poles be fun? Why can’t they be colourful ?
Thus, Mason’s PowerPoles were born.

Making children proud of their battles

These superheroes battling illnesses and fighting for their lives are always surrounded by the medical world. Our poles give them something to let the world know how brave and special they really are. The way they fight is nothing short of amazing, and is something that they can be proud of. Our poles hopefully give them just that. To not be afraid to show friends, family or anyone , who they are and what they go through.

Smiles and home-comforts

Our Power Poles are aiming to remove the hospital feeling from the home. To give kids with illnesses a positive symbol in their home to look up to. To allow them to not be afraid of something that has become their life.

inviting and colourful

Mason’s Power Poles are customized and powdercoated with the upmost care and detail. Our poles shine bright and stand out with vibrant colours and styles, guaranteed to make any child smile. Our toppers are precision cut with the coolest designs around. You wouldn’t even know they are IV Poles.
Very special thank you to our two partners that have helped make this come to life!

  • How to get a pole?

    PowerPoles are available to all children in the Windsor-Essex community that require IV transfusions in the home, or require a mounting system for feedings.  Please note: If you know someone who could benefit from a Mason’s PowerPole and currently have an IV pole at home, please have them contact their CCAC/LHIN care-coordinator to see if they are eligible for a pole donation.

  • Can I buy a Pole?

    PowerPoles are NOT available for purchase directly. We also do not offer sponsorships of a pole. They are donated by our Foundation to the community.Thank you to our amazing donors that have supported us and helped make this a reality

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